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“5 Feet, 9 Inches. 48 Wins, 34 By KO. @Canelo #IWILL | Under Armour Marketing

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I’m paying close attention to the marketing aspect of Under Armour. Last week I stated that they had a clear advantage in boxing over other brands and that a solid promotion of their athletes could generate more interest.

Under Armour is obviously paying attention and they are spending more time developing their marketing on boxing. While boxing is a niche category, the training aspect of boxing fits the community based sports that are currently dominating the market.

In Canelo and Anthony Joshua Under Armour has a built in crossover appeal if they deliver more video content of the champions. Nice move UA and they’ve reinforced with a redesigned homepage on the boxing site, but they have yet to give the homepage of the website a section dedicated to boxing. I’m waiting on that change, but so far so good. #keeplistening