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A Dope Analysis of the Air Force 1 with a Quote From ARCH 

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Source: Air Force 1: Shoe That Defined Sneaker Culture Celebrates 35th Anniversary

A few years ago Nike celebrated the XXXth anniversary of the Air Force 1 with the release of premium pairs in red and white lined boxes. There were pop up shops and in many ways the shoe’s icon status was cemented. The “Uptown” was reinvented with premium materials and given translucent outsoles to feature the “air”. There were Foamposite versions in copper and VacTech seamless uppers added. The shoe was dropped with Lunarlon cushioning and has turned into a shoe that has chameleon like properties. It changes with the shifts in music and fashion, but always stays timeless.

Brett Hershman dropped an analysis of the culture’s most rapped about sneaker. It’s a short but informative discussion on why the shoe remains firmly cemented in the top of sales for Nike although it is no longer the freshest “face” on the block. Use the source link to check it out. There is even a quote from yours truly. 🙂