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A Resale Guide For Beginners|Young Consumers Tap Online Market for Recycled Apparel – WSJ

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While many apparel retailers are struggling with shrinking sales, the U.S. volume of clothing and other items being traded online through reselling services has more than doubled since 2013, and the market is now slightly more than $2 billion. PHOTO: EMILY WILSON FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

Source: Young Consumers Tap Online Market for Recycled Apparel – WSJ

I’m often asked about how to flip shoes or how to start a business. While I have a ton of videos on YouTube, people don’t really know the information is there and in my books.

That’s why when I see an article like this, I make sure I share it. The story here is both inspiring and informative. Take a moment to click through the source link to read more about the resale/resell of apparel and how e-commerce by big retailers is severely lacking and contributing to the closing of stores all over.