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A StockX Breakdown of Resale on the Foamposite

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The release of the Nike Foamposite One Royal this month marks its 20th anniversary.  Why should you care and what makes the Royal Foams so special? Well de

Source: The Nike Air Foamposite One is 20 Years Old

I’ve been doing Should You Buy to Flip for a while now, but when I find dope info, from a reliable source, I always like to share it. When it decreases the amount of work I have to do in looking at my own sales, that’s even better. StockX has taken the time to do a breakdown of the Foamposite in the resell market.

I appreciate this list because it left off the two foams that basically ruined my biz a few years back, The Silver Camo and Spiderman… those two foams along with the Herpes Foam (Yep I’m calling them Herpes) and Weatherman… No Comment (but you can read my comment here).

Use the source link to click through and check out the research from Matt over at StockX. There are more great charts and information available.