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adidas “Calling All Creators” | All In On Sports but Does It Work? | Marketing

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Source: adidas “Calling All Creators”

When I watched the commercial I was underwhelmed. After an amazing year of marketing from adidas I wasn’t expecting the brand to go all in on sports. I’m certain this is only the first step of the campaign, but it’s missing a few key elements I’ve identified as being directly influential on the growth of adidas as a brand with the consumer.

The spot lacks creativity. The people chosen in the video are all athletes. There isn’t any art, the music isn’t appealing and emotionally engaging, the athlete as creator element only comes through in the Paul Pogba/soccer segments and did I say there isn’t any art? The crafting of adidas footwear during this rise was adventurous and outside of the norm for how kicks have been viewed. Sure the classics led the way, but it seems that the same bogged down “creativity” leading to a Triple Black Pack for Black Friday where all of the shoes look the same has influenced the marketing spot that will drop during the NFL’s Turkey Day game.

If you “Call all Creators” I expect the same stunning imagery utilized during the last year that made adidas edgy and counter culture, while also tying into the mainstream. I wanted that confident juxtaposition of darkness and energy delivered in the “Future” campaign. I know the individuals featured in this video will be highlighted eventually, and we got our first look, I mean a really quick glance at Zach Lavine, but this felt too easy… Using Robbie Rogers when Ferg is saying Courage, easy. Tying plastic to Parlay x adidas, isn’t too easy, but in this time where the consumer may not catch the reference, a longer moment that showed the plastic melting into footwear instead of “glitching” into footwear would educate.

This is not what I was expecting as the first new campaign in a year where #metoo is dominating. I was thinking that adidas would be subversive enough to attack the world’s treatment of women. I thought adidas would push the boundaries by stating that art not STEM is the Future. adidas was making me believe that it was more than just a brand via its marketing. This video just feels like … marketing.