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adidas Continues Unorthodox Approach to Endorsements | 16 USA Volleyball & Olympic Hopeful Athletes Join the Three Stripes

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Source: 16 USA Volleyball & Olympic Hopeful Athletes Join the adidas Family (Paige Tapp pictured)

The information in regard to this signing is extensive so I won’t try to copy and paste it below. Use the source link above to read quotes from the athletes and information regarding footwear and apparel programs being designed and launched for the new additions to the Trefoil.

adidas continues to take a different path in endorsements and sponsorships. The non-traditional approach includes letting the NFL Reebok endorsement go to Nike and letting the NBA adidas deal go to Nike. It would seem that the move to leave traditional US sport would have been detrimental to the brand, but they’ve taken on sponsorship of the NHL and endorsed F1 Motorsport athlete Carmen Jorda. Doing what is unconventional has led to considerable growth for adidas so this signing isn’t a surprise, although it is really big. To me it feels like adidas is going to do something bigger with this.

They will be sponsoring AAU events for Volleyball next summer also, but what I think is most interesting is that by looking at the non-traditional adidas is paying attention to the fact that the major sports in America are seeing less engagement from kids. I’ve stated that a lot of the issues in retail with performance footwear not selling is that kids aren’t really interested in football and basketball like they once were. Kids are shifting into different sports because there is more opportunity there as both football and basketball have been professionalized to the detriment of the game.

This is an interesting move, but one that I hope leads to more opportunity for volleyball athletes.