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adidas Creates an Allusion to Classic 90’s Juvenile Album Cover 

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I know some people won’t label Juvi’s first album as a classic, but put “Back That Thang Up” on at a party and maaaaaaaaaannnnnnn… I don’t care who is there, white, black, brown, everybody, and I mean everybody is going to get on the floor. The marketing team at adidas has been missing a lot and this isn’t a miss, it’s just not developed.

Dame is an MC. Dame is probably the only rapper in the NBA with real respect. I know he’s in the middle of getting ready for his playoff run, but how in the entire hell do we get a 400 Degreez reference without a Dame and Juvi mixtape????? All I want is 3 songs: Back That Azz Up, Magnolia Clap and Ha. With at least one video. I mean the adidas budget includes flying around to Memphis to give away footwear and apparel to Blocboy which probably cost 50 grand. Drop that 50 into a video shoot and three song release on Spotify and “boom” three streams of revenue.  I know that’s wishful thinking but you can’t just reference Juvi when the ball player you’re promoting is an emcee who could collab with Juvi for a ridiculously dope concept.

Let’s make that happen… besides I need a replacement song for that drop last year featuring Juvenile (Legacy). It could have been better, kinda like this drop.

Inspired by one of Damian Lillard’s favorite rappers and collaborators, adidas drops the 400 Degreez edition of Dame 4. Paying homage to Juvenile’s 1998 classic “400 Degreez,” Dame’s latest edition features a flame-inspired upper with black accents and a glow-in-the-dark gum outsole.
Launching just in time for the Blazers’ playoff push and matching Dame’s “on fire” mentality for the post-season, 400 Degreez ($115) is available now on