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adidas Digital Sports releases the first-ever Future/fit Forecast

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Source: adidas NEWS STREAM : adidas Digital Sports releases the first-ever Future/fit Forecast

When we talk trends in footwear we usually think about fashion, but the latest trend is information, specifically digital information that allows us to be more aware of our fitness and health. After the holidays last year Under Armour delivered a batch of information via their digital platforms they gave us a breakdown of what people ate, how much they worked out and how they could shape their lifestyle to improve.

adidas has just followed suit and you can download a pdf to gain a better understanding of their 5 Futures of Fit.

To identify the five futures, adidas analyzed how the intersection of digital technology with health and fitness is impacting wellness, conducting qualitative and quantitative research, working with industry experts, futurists, behavioral economists, as well as neuroscientists and sport practitioners. To validate the findings, adidas conducted the inaugural adidas Wellness Poll, surveying 3,000 US-based men and women of various activity levels aged 18-50, to reveal attitudes and behavior trends related to health and fitness. Active people were defined as those conducting 30 minutes or more of activity three or more days a week, while inactivity was defined as less than 30 minutes of daily activity per week.

adidas is once again maintaining their connection to the customer via content creation and digital. The core concept shows an interest in the well being of the people who purchase the gear which helps adidas to maintain a relationship with shoppers. Sports companies have to show an interest in the customer beyond their dollar and connected fitness is going to be a constant. It can also be a way of offsetting health insurance costs by helping people to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

My one issue is that wearable tech is not going to increase, so there has to be an easier way to monitor and integrate health and digital into the lifestyle of the people in the market. Nike has a natural ally in Apple. Apple is controlling the wearables market so this could be a costly project for adidas to maintain and promote. That’s another article. Use the source link to download the pdf for more information.