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adidas Does it Again and It’s Dope AF | Marketing

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Source: adidas NEWS STREAM : adidas Spotlights Powerful Women Who Change the Rules of Sport with Confidence and Creativity in New Running Campaign

There is a running thread on this site that speaks to how competent adidas has been in marketing in the last two years. The rise in sales for the brand has been linked to influencers and to product, but what’s been consistently overlooked is the marketing job that the brand has done when approaching various segments of the market. This time they continue their push into the women’s category via a campaign designed for this weekend’s NYC Marathon. The Campaign  captures the power of women in sport focusing on several distinct personalities who have created outlets for women in fitness and business.

What’s unique about the campaign is they are utilizing a structure that Under Armour nailed with their #UnlikeAny campaign. The “AF” campaign is edgier which fits into the mold of adidas’ branding. There are 6 categories represented using metonymy as one woman represents the whole giving women an identity to attach their spirit warrior to:

Karlie Kloss – Boss AF
A first-time marathon runner, supermodel and entrepreneur, Karlie is dedicated to ensuring young women have access to computer science education opportunities through her Kode With Klossy organization. By providing scholarships and setting up coding summer camps across the country, Kode With Klossy works to empower young women to learn to code and become leaders in tech.
Kathrine Switzer – Fearless AF
Kathrine proved that she was just as capable of running long distances as men in 1967 when she was the first registered woman to run the Boston Marathon, despite an attempt to be removed. Since, she has inspired millions of women beyond the finish line through the non-profit organization 261 Fearless.
Mary Keitany – Determined AF
The Kenyan long distance runner is a heavily decorated athlete and the second fastest female marathoner in history. Mary holds the world record for a women-only marathon is defending champion of two of the world’s most popular marathons.
Robin Arzon – Bold AF
Robin left her successful law career to reinvent herself in the fitness world as an ultramarathoner, running coach, cycling instructor and diabetes advocate.
Jessie Zapo – Creative AF
Jessie uses her creativity to make a positive impact on fellow New York runners as the Run Coach for adidas Runners NYC and women through her run club Girls Run NYC, as well as her work as an art therapist with underserved youth in Brooklyn.
Jen Rhines – Fierce AF
The three-time Olympian with more than 20 years as a professional runner is a truly versatile runner as she competes in track, cross country and road running events.
The campaign is set to run from the 2nd to the 6th giving women an opportunity to create their “AF” tees and photos. This isn’t adidas coming to the party and marketing to women late as the brand was one of the first large sporting companies to offer unique products for women via Stella McCartney and through their Avenue A subscription. adidas has been empowering women in a variety of campaigns presented through music and visual imagery. The company simply understands marketing in this current environment like no other company and this “AF” campaign is another feather in the hat. Use the source link to read more and expect more branding opportunities from this project.
Note: Something I just noticed while updating this post is that the women in the photo in the header are empowered. The picture above can be juxtaposed to how an adidas influencer positioned women in his fashion show taking their power away. adidas may be taking a moment to reflect on the Yeezy campaign and internally condemn the artist identified most with their turnaround. That’s gangsta.
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