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adidas Drops new Dame 3 Colorways for Summer

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Source: adidas NEWS STREAM : adidas Drops new Dame 3 Colorways for Summer

Dame Dolla is the NBA’s best emcee and his shoe rivals the PG1 and Kyrie for the best value and bang for your dollar when looking to hit the court. The shoe features adidas BOUNCE technology and a unique lacing system to increase lockdown or to rock casually.

I haven’t really seen anyone wearing the shoe on either ball courts or as a fashion statement. The shoe does appear to have some sell through on the site, but overall the shoe, which looks dope and cutting edge, appears to be sitting. I get that right now everyone is about a streamlined, simple, look, but at 115.00 The Dame 3 is an option that offers a damn good shoe with an attractive silhouette at a very good price.

This Static colorway represents how Dame is able to rise above all of the potential interference and noise to cancel out the chatter after a long NBA season. The Red, White and Blue is obviously a nod to the USA. There is something interesting about the way adidas presents their signature basketball athletes. adidas has been very effective at delivering their Originals products. The marketing and strategies there have turned the brand into the darling of the shoe world.

The interesting thing about how adidas features their athletes is an issue that the big 3 all seem to have. There is a disconnect in the marketing for every brand who has signature athletes.  The brands are relying solely on the star power of the athlete and the marketing tends to be about the athlete. That is a major flaw at a time when people aren’t really interested in the performance features, or the athlete. They are looking at comfort. Basketball ads have to be more social. At 115.00 the Dame 3 is one solid campaign away from actually garnering more interest from buyers. I think there is something that adidas could do to actually inspire people to start picking up their line up of hoops shoes.

The Dame 3 is a dope pair and will release on July 14th.