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adidas Gets It: Paul Pogba Was Born To Create

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Source: adidas NEWS STREAM : Paul Pogba Was Born To Create

I was really excited to see adidas make an appearance in Primetime marketing after the US Presidential 2nd debate, I don’t expect adidas to remain a player on television marketing. I expect adidas to dive directly into maintaining its strong presence in the digital, online marketing area. Today they released an ad that is a part of the #Heretocreate campaign.

The US is still not as involved in soccer as the rest of the world, ads like this will continue to establish the importance of futbol for the rest of the world and introduce the players who hold a special place in the minds and hearts of the people. Paul Pogba gets a creation story in this ad and if you didn’t get reminded of the three stripes, in his hair, on his clothes and throughout, this would feel like a Wieden + Kennedy spot for the other brand. In other words, adidas is using its brand ambassadors from sport to connect to the market.

The discussion on whether brand athletes or entertainers make the better ambassadors is fair, but when the ads are presented in this way, it makes sense that the brands attached directly to athletes and who use them with creative marketing accomplish a lot more with a lasting image.

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