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Adidas Has a Genie For Your Gait

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In the basement of the newest Adidas shop is a training area. Here, visitors can get a free gait analysis with the new Run Genie system.

Source: Pick the Right Running Shoe with Adidas’ Run Genie | Digital Trends

If you want the best personal analysis I would say visit your local running shop. Saucony just did a great job of listing small shops across the country. If you’re like a lot of people who want to experience the customer service experience at the latest Adidas store then you will get to pick up the magical shoe, rub it three times and get the Run Genie System to help you choose a better shoe for performance.

Like Nike, Adidas is attempting to increase personalization for customers in their brick and mortar locations. This is also one of the first times outside of miCoach that Adidas tech is being promoted. Under Armour has more tech outlets available to it than either of the brands, but Adidas will begin to invest more in tech as they shift their marketing strategy in the next year in North America. Click the source link to read about the Run Genie System. It’s basically a gait analysis based on the reading of accelerometers. What’s even cooler is that you can visit the shop, get the analysis and take it to a local place. This is great marketing. It brings Adidas down into a more personal realm giving them the appearance of being for the betterment of sport not for their own personal gain. Marketing is interesting though, people tend to have more attachment to a brand when they feel that the brand isn’t trying to sell them. Nice move Three Stripes, nice move.