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adidas Just Gave Reebok a Serious boost ZOKU RUNNER | Sneakersnstuff 

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Source: Reebok ZOKU RUNNER | Sneakersnstuff Blog (photos from sneakersnstuff blog)

Reebok has entered the modernized retro runner market with the new Reebok Zoku. Now, it’s obvious Reebok is benefitting from adidas Primeknit, but what they aren’t doing is using a better name for marketing purposes. For some reason I hear Zoku and I immediately here my business partner Tayib talking about Dragonball Z which simply doesn’t make sense to me.

The shoe is the first “new” release from Reebok to utilize the retro Reebok crosscheck, a piece of Reebok’s DNA inspired by the instant of flight, and created as a symbol of momentum.

Arriving in March 2017 is the all new Reebok Zoku Runner. There will be 6 styles in total and will be available in both men’s and women’s sizes on 2nd March.

Will this shoe be as successful as the NMD has been for adidas? Probably not, but I do think if it is priced accordingly, 95-110.00 the shoe might be a surprise hit for RBK.