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adidas | Not Just Retro Inspired Footwear – 70s Apparel

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Source: adidas NEWS STREAM : adidas Originals – 70s Apparel

adidas has been doing a very good job of mining its past to deliver the items to a public that is longing for a sense of nostalgia. I would pull pics of me rocking my adidas tracksuits (big shout out to Run DMC), but our tracksuits weren’t really fitted the way these new drops are being released.

Some guys had suits cut in the same way as these original inspired looks, but I was into the bigger Rakim, baggy sweatsuit look. There has been considerable banter about the influence of Kanye West on the Three Stripes and when you consider the trend is with retro, it becomes apparent that while is initial influence may have been a strong consideration for the interest in the brand, when a company can deliver items from 40 year old catalog and refresh them it’s apparent that fashion is cyclical.  Here are few more shots of the collection. You can download and see bigger pictures on the source link.

If you want to pick up some vintage adidas apparel at a great price use this link.