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adidas Originals ‘Artist in Residence’ Showcase

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Source: adidas Originals ‘Artist in Residence’ Showcase

When a store opens the entire goal is to generate foot traffic which could potentially turn into conversions. In other words every part of your store has to be monetized. More important however is merchandising. The way a store looks tells a story and that story shapes the way a customer interacts with the products. It’s already known that the Soho store for Adidas is another connective tissue in the multichannel sales stream.

In the next few years as sales increase online and DTC, the brand that is able to engage the consumer with an experience in store and online is the brand that will win. Adidas knows this and is doing some fantastic marketing. They have to do incredible marketing as the visual footprint decreases next year when Nike takes over the NBA. To offset this Adidas is connecting with the next generation via more than just tech and gear, they are utilizing art.

When art is present, life is better. Right now in the bottom of the Soho store Adidas is featuring their ‘Artist in Residence” showcase with a group of six young New York photographers:  Andi Elloway, Lissette Emma, Dylan Johnston, Kanghee Kim, Ryan Parilla and Thomas Welch.

Check out a bit of their work and if you’re in NYC it’s another spot to enjoy the culture that is NY. Use the source link to read more.