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adidas Originals – Superstar Boost|Just Doesn’t Make Sense

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Source: adidas NEWS STREAM : adidas Originals – Superstar Boost

A few days ago Tayib wrote this post and he was irritated as hell: Frankenstein or Masterpeice: BAPE Superstar

I can’t say I don’t blame him for being pissed about that Bape monstrosity. Now adidas is turning into Nike. I know the current trend is to take a classic and update it with modern tech, but the update should be subtle. It should be on the inside.

Think about the Nike Lunarlon Tech in the Converse All Star. You can’t see the tech, it’s on the inside. That’s a win.

Or consider the New Balance 247 and the removal of ENCAP for RevLite. That makes sense. But this Superstar thing is getting out of hand.

I mean the instep of the shoe makes it hard to see, so why even slap it on the outsole? Did they actually change the outsole and cut out the arch area of the shoe to place the BOOST there? Whatever it is, I just don’t get it. The Superstar is the best selling shoe for the brand, without any updates.

In the words of 70s blue eyed soul music from Billy Joel, this change makes me sad, Don’t Go Changing, to Try To Please Me, I Love You Just The Way You Are.