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adidas Originals x Daniel Arsham New York – Kith Exclusive Launch | Consistency Across Platforms

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This Friday, July 21, Kith will be exclusively launching Daniel Arsham’s first collaboration with adidas Originals, as the duo reinvent the classic New York silhouette.  Arsham’s signature design cha

Source: adidas Originals x Daniel Arsham New York – Kith Exclusive Launch

Daniel Arsham is an artist. adidas in the last three years has been more of an art endowment than any company in fashion. As adidas has begun to rise in the US it has coincided with some of the best marketing campaigns, some of the most artistic campaigns sportswear has seen. They have reinforced their connection with the culture via art shows and music performances they have supported and launched.

Arsham works in many mediums and crafts artwork on a number of landscapes: 2D, 3D and 4D. His collaboration with adidas takes the classic adidas 700 series shoe and updates it with an unfinished canvas and hidden artistic details.

The shoe when worn over time will begin to reveal different elements. When the shoe is placed under an ultraviolet light a hidden message is shown: PAST is the PRESENT. It’s a perfect representation of why adidas is performing so well overall in the US. They are taking elements of lifestyles and implementing them into their marketing in an organic and seamless manner. PAST is the PRESENT is a spin on the FUTURE and Originals Never Die campaigns. It’s an amazing thing to watch for a person who loves the sneaker culture and admires smart marketing. Use the source link to read more details and check out more pics on KITH.