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adidas StellaSport unveils Fall/Winter 17 collection 

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Source: adidas NEWS STREAM : adidas StellaSport unveils Fall/Winter 17 collection: make the world your playground in vibrant and playful prints

Make the world your playground is the slogan attached to the latest delivery from Stella McCartney. The Fall/Winter is direct in what is being attempted here. adidas realizes how strong the push is in women’s sportswear and that women have always been looking for gear that will allow them to transition from sport to street seamlessly.

The problem was in the past that the style of sportswear was athletic and bold, but lacked the playfulness of design and fashion. The Stella Fall/Winter 17 collection capitalizes on the spirit of sport and fashion with a colorful aesthetic meant to convey movement and perfect for snapchat and Instagram photos for days and nights out with the girls after a crossfit or UFC workout.

Use the source link to see more and to view larger photos of the collection.