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adidas x Colossal Media Bring Urban Running to Life Through Art in Bushwick | Continued Cross Promo

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Source: adidas x Colossal Media Bring Urban Running to Life Through Art in Bushwick

adidas continues to find the location other brands are missing by focusing on the connective tissues of daily life for a new generation. Retail is in a moment where the value associated with things is rapidly diminishing. There was a time where a label or brand was an identification/badge of honor. This has changed as young and old are now taking and making an effort to experience things where they are and abroad.

Experiences drive the moment, not things.

The moment is gritty but beautiful. The imagery isn’t clean and sterile, emotionless, blank faced people and places. The imagery is a depiction of the wonder of childhood blended with the reality of adulthood. Marketing has to become escapism through reality. Ugly effort is cherished.

Why am I writing using such descriptive language about an adidas campaign for a running shoe, when the ultimate goal is for adidas to sell stuff? Because I really do respect that the marketing around the brand doesn’t diminish who I am. I may not ever see this art display in person, but I can see the images. Although they might be mixed in with the promotion of a product, I can see that adidas is doing what is hard for people to understand about working with artists, they are paying them and delivering the work to the people. Art often requires a benefactor, and adidas understands that connecting the artist to the people contributes to brand identity and right now that’s more important than just dropping cool pictures and cool products.

The original artwork is inspired by adidas’ latest urban running campaign for PureBOOST DPR, giving a voice to local artists including Amber Vittoria, Ben Clarke, Daniel Zender, Laura Bee, Leanna Perry, David Silverstein and Ilana Blady, adidas designers, Samm McAlear and Jean Khalife, and Colossal designers, Elise Kei-Rahn and Pete Freeman.

Murals ranging from 149 to 1,050 square feet are on display through Aug. 13 in ten locations in Bushwick, including: Siegel Street and Bogart Street; Morgan Avenue and Meserole Street; Morgan Avenue and Harrison Place; Grattan Street between Morgan Avenue and Bogart Street; Johnson Avenue and Scott Avenue; Morgan Avenue and Stagg Street; Johnson Avenue and Bushwick Place; Bogart Street and Cook Street; Meserole Street and Waterbury Street; and Wyckoff Avenue and Troutman Street.