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Adidas x Stella McCartney Editorial – Bodega

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Adidas and Stella McCartney is one of the original marriages between athletic performance and high fashion. More importantly, in a business where “what have you

Source: Adidas x Stella McCartney Editorial – Bodega

Bodega is one of the best multichannel options on the web for sportswear. They have a unique approach that can be considered the wave of the future as retail dies. The static website and bland store no longer provides an attraction. Bodega realizes this and creates their own individual campaigns around collections.

They have taken the time to create a website that is one part fashion editorial, one part social commentary, and one part dopeness. This layout of the adidas x Stella McCartney collection is a classic example of how merchandising enhances the shopping experience. Check out these pics and use the link to shop the collection.

Photography | Tommy Boudreau

Talent | Emily Bradley