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Ahead of Schedule|Lakers’ 47-Point Quarter! Season Best For Any Team! 

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Coach Luke Walton has the Lakers ahead of schedule. Almost at the halfway point of the season and the Lakers sit 5 games back of the Denver Nuggets for the 8th seed.

Now it’s way too soon to start looking at the Playoffs, or is it? It is, but isn’t it nice that in a very tough Western Conference the young Lakers are swinging hard at every ball. Now if they can find a way to connect on some of those swings, they have everything it takes to make a push for the last spot.

Then again, I’m being optimistic and looking for a way to state that this quarter was very Warriors-like and if they can keep pulling together outings like this the Lakers could pull off 15 more wins which could find them right in the thick of things as the season winds down.

In the meantime watch the Los Angeles War-Lakers light it up.