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Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG (Reverse Shattered Backboard) Should You Buy To Flip?

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The Retro 1 is always a hit or miss shoe as far as retail is concerned. The Rare Air series should have been a lock for a high resale value, but it didn’t pop. Why? There really isn’t a science or a reason for the various Rare Airs to fizzle, they just did. When you take the Nike Air and give it the OG High label usually it’s a win, especially when the story behind the shoe is classic MJ. When Michael played the exhibition game in Italy where he broke the backboard it wasn’t a big story at the time. Nike has embellished the history and the first time around the shoe exploded and actually carries a similar resale value as the Banned/Bred 1s. Will this “reversed” version do the same? Should You Buy To Flip? As always take my words with a grain of salt and do your own research, but here are my checks.

Since I do 3 checks before my decision I will weight them on a scale of 1-9. The max points on a scale = +3

First check: I hit Flight Club first. Today is 9/21/2016. FC doesn’t have the Reverse which is a good sign. This means no one sent the shoe in on consignment. Which also means that no one hit the Nike truck/train on these joints or if they did they are selling them on their own. Without a FC pricepoint, I will look at the Shattered Backboard price. Right now the SB is selling for 450.00 on FC. This shoe is very similar. As a matter of fact, you could literally label the first version the Black Toe Shattered and this as the Reverse which means people will begin to label the Black Toe Shattered and the Reverse will increase in value. Get it? if the Shattered Backboard is selling at this pricepoint, the Reverse should do very well.

Rating = +3

Second check: My eBay check a week early is always irritating to me. Who got them early? Are they legit? it’s getting hard to tell. The Reverse is already up and rolling on the Bay. This is a good thing for the people who are considering this shoe for resale. The average price on the first few sold early are: 300 + 395 + 300= 995/3 = 331.67. That is a premium resale price. Even if you don’t get this shoe at a discounted price the retail price of 160 plus tax makes this a perfect pair. That average sales price will only increase as we get closer because my third check has been done.

Rating = +3

Third check: I have checked with my circle and the Retro 1 Reverse will be a limited release. There won’t be as many floating around as the Banned 1. Even if there are enough floating around guys are calling and offering big money to people per pair which means you won’t be able to just walk in and grab a pair after the release day. I also did my Twitter feed search, but it didn’t support my estimate that the shoe is in demand. Not many people are talking about it. While it may be limited there isn’t much chatter about the shoe other than the multitude of websites writing about the October 1st release. Nobody is talking like they are doing pre-orders. This makes me hesitate to give it a +3… as a matter of fact my gut says that it looks like a Halloween shoe and there is too much orange so the early sales are deceiving.

Rating = +1

Should you buy to flip?

My total on a scale of 9 is a +7. What’s interesting is that I gave a Kobe XI shoe a better rating than this shoe. That Kobe isn’t even being checked for, but the history on a similar colorway for me was so strong that I didn’t hesitate to give it a great score. This +7 here should really be a +9 because at 160 plus tax, you shouldn’t lose on this shoe at all, especially if you get rid of it quickly. I have a funny feeling though that this shoe will peak at 395 early and by next week the price will drop to about 295.00 Resale price: between 275 and 300. Possibly 350 at the high end, but this shoe may fizzle pretty fast and drop to 250. Which still makes it worth the gamble, so Flip it.

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