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Air Jordan 14 Retro ‘Black/Vivid Green’: Should You Buy To Flip?

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Source: Air Jordan 14 Retro ‘Black/Vivid Green’.

I remember when the 14 dropped. It was such an innovative shoe. Featuring the Ferrari logo styled branding, suede and taillights on the heel counter, a strip of tire tread on the heel with the stylized 23, and with air vents on the side … It was an incredible shoe for a player that was finishing off another three peat. Fast forward and Jordan Brand has rereleased the shoe a number of times and in a multiple of colorways. The interesting thing is that the shoe has never really popped for resell. It typically sits. The question of whether to flip this one though is still in the air, so let’s take a look at it.

Here is the way I approach flipping, or how I used to until I stopped flipping pretty much:

  1. Look at the going price of the dopest Retro 14 regardless of color. Flight Club has the Last Shot at 350.00 This is a GR and is not an OG colorway. I automatically look at FC and in regard to this shoe since it’s not available there, I drop the shoe 100 dollars.
  2. Go to eBay and use the Sold Listings feature. There are always early pairs on the market. Right now not a single pair has been sold early. 8/7/2016

I don’t even have to look at the rest of my factors like offers on social media to know that this is not a shoe that you should buy to flip. The shoe drops next week and I say without hesitation you should be able to pick these up with zero problems on release day. Check out more pics on the source link at the top of the page.