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Air Jordan Collection & | Jordan Continues the Subtle Rollout of Content

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Learn the history and origins of the Air Jordan collection. Discover the story behind the iconic shoes and find original, retro and unreleased colorways.

Source: Air Jordan Collection: Retro & New Editions.

Last year when in November I discovered that Jordan Brand had launched a blog. I thought it was really important. This is what I said, “What is the significance of a Jordan Brand blog? It is in direct support of Nike’s strong push for DTC.”

Air.Jordan.Com: Watch Out Sneaker Blogs

Today Nick DePaula introduced to everyone the Jordan Collection page on Nike’s website. The Jordan Blog didn’t even cover it or add it to their page. They actually posted a photoshoot of the Jordan XXX2 by several influencers. I made a statement yesterday that Jordan and Nike had been completely absent in marketing for the last two years. In the last 24 hours though the beast appears to be awakening and it should make for a very interesting sneaker world this holiday season. Use the source link to peep the Jordan Collection page which is an interactive content development featuring pictures of the OG Jordan line with a built in hashtag that targets a market that has begun to forget about Air Jordans and are focused on trainers and casual athletic/skate kicks.

What is interesting here is Jordan Brand realizes that the new generation doesn’t know MJ outside of YouTube clips. The Jordan Collection site provides an educational experience for old and new sneaker culture fans. The site is set up in an almost infinite scroll which is a quality all sites need because that is how browsing is done, and when the scroll does end, you can swipe or click left or right to get in an in depth analysis of the next shoe dropped by Jordan Brand. Integrated into the site are links to and to shop Jordan. It’s a beautifully crafted seamless online experience. I said last year blogs needed to watch out. I meant it and so does Nike.