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Air Jordan Retro 6 CNY Chinese New Year Market Value Per Size

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Originally posted on Housakicks


The Air Jordan Retro 6 CNY is officially set to drop on February the 3rd and will only be available via select retailers. I don’t know what kind of criteria Nike used in regards to what stores will be carrying the shoes. To my surprise, Footlocker and its derivatives aren’t getting them. But Kicksusa, Finishline ( in store only) and Nicekicks are amongst the only shops getting them. Does that mean that these stores are performing better than Footlocker? Absolutely not, we all know that Footlocker is the Godfather of all sneaker retailers. What I’m thinking is happening is that Nike is allowing smaller retailers to eat the crumbs of the master’s table ( master= Footlocker). So Nike is being a little more fair in the distribution of their goods; since FTL is probably Nike’s biggest distribution channel, the brand is most likely going to keep all the inventory that was going to be allotted to FTL and sell it on Nike E-Shop ( this is another by product of the Consumer Direct Offense). All these things are taking place subtly before our eyes and once again Nike is the biggest winner.

The post was intended to show you the current market value of the Air Jordan Retro 6 CNY so I’ll stick to the agenda. The histogram below is collection of a total of the current pairs sold on eBay as of February 1st.

There are some irregularities with the price for the size 8. In Early January the shoes were selling for almost $300 and the price significantly dropped to $235 then went back up to $330. So i’m assuming that the $235 might be considered an outlier ( and maybe whoever sold the shoes for $235 was selling replicas, the price was below retail). So the average price when considering all the numbers is $269. ( for a size 8).

The size 8.5 price has been pretty steady with average selling price of $250. I’m a bit weary of these prices considering the fact that the shoes retail for $250. But I have to report what I see, I can’t make up the numbers. ( size 8.5)

This is definitely alarming, some pairs sold for as low as $220 but I’m not surprised. It might reveal something very deep. Maybe the people who are selling the shoes below retail are working with Nike account holders and selling the shoes under the table. Or the shoes listed on eBay might have mysteriously fallen off the back of a delivery truck, or they might just be bootlegs. But once again I have to report what I see. So you can compute your own average using the numbers in the table above.

The same rule will apply for the size 9.5.

For the size 10, I’m still unsure why some sellers are marketing the shoes below retail. The interesting fact is that they are reputable sellers so there is definitely something going on here. Compute your own average by using the table above.

This post turned out to be more of an investigative report than it was a market value report. I think Nike definitely has a serious problem on hand and I’m sure the brand will adress it very soon. There are multiple layers to the issue that have to be uncovered.I left you to the task of finding your own average for the size 10.5 and above by using the numbers provided in the table.