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Allow Me To Introduce: ClearWeather JONES C / Tariq pink | New Footwear 

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Source: JONES C / Tariq pink

Shout out my guy Illa Ills on this one. I’m always hunting for something to deviate from traditional sneaker sites. In many instances there will be another site that discovers something before I do, but they typically are being paid to talk about the company. While there is nothing wrong with that it just feels old school to be able to namedrop a brand and somebody looks at you with that, “F is you sayin?” face. It feels extra good to break a new brand. Clearweather is a socal based footwear company so the immediate thought is that the guys associated will be involved in skate culture and that’s correct.

The Brothers Brubaker

Clearweather the product of footwear design brothers Josh Brubaker and Brandon Brubaker. Together we built Clearweather Brand, out of Southern California, as an expression of our lifestyle and to recreate classics for the future. We strive to create clever footwear designs and good quality products. Our brand represents a combine Thirty years of experience as footwear design engineers. History influences the look and feel of everything we do now and in the future.

My introduction to The Brothers comes in the form of a collab with one of my favorite emcees, BlackThought, Tarik Trotter of The Legendary Roots Crew. The pack is one of the dopest collection pieces in footwear.

Housed in a special picnic basket, the low-cut silhouette hosts a Pink suede ” Reggie Love” look throughout with tan as a complement on its heel tab. Tan pig skin lining and a polyurethane insole for extra comfort.  Within it’s packaging you’ll also find a picnic blanket, dust bag, sneaker cleaner courtesy of Jason Markk, and shoe trees.

It’s easy to say that this is another version of Clae, Generic Surplus or Common Projects, but unless one of those brands has a collab with Pharoah Monche then they aren’t Clearweather. Clearweather has taken the time to make a timeless statement by connecting to Hip-Hop in authentic manner by celebrating one of the most underrated emcees in history. Place Black Thought’s lyrics in a book and you have a collection of poetry that shows an intricate understanding of literary skill. That same underrated value exist for Clearweather. A brand that is boasting some of the best materials and premium construction, but remains on the outside of the mainstream.

What I Like?

This Black Thought collab is the pinnacle of what of I’ve seen on the site. This drop alone makes me appreciate the company. We have one location here in Memphis that carries the shoe, but the store features clothing and apparel that doesn’t seem in line with the direction of the brand. I very rarely go into Summitt. I will visit to check out the footwear in person because I’d like to hold the kicks in my hand to see if the imagery matches the product.

What Worries Me?

The product set does feel familiar. There are Huarache/NMD styled runners, classic Stan Smith styled casual kicks and every new brand does this. I had a New Balance inspired runner. That is an issue. Can you really standout by being so similar? There is one shoe right now on the site that makes me say… Hold up. The Cloudstryk is in the vein of the running trend, but there is something about this shoe that doesn’t worry me at all.

CLOUD STRYK in White Red - Clear Weather

Overall I really am glad that I get to share this post. I think the site is worth browsing and spending some time on. Oh, that Jones C Paterson with the embossed branding… clean as f–k.

Use the source link to check out the brand.

JONES C / Paterson

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