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Another Allen Update for Fall 2012: Red Wine

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Rough pic of the Red Wine Allen from the factory on the last

I am attempting to stay on top of these updates for those of you who are following along. A couple of days ago I posted the mock drawings for the Oak, Rust and Night Denim versions of the Allen. I added another color last night at 2am in the morning. Yep I was up that late working… Let’s call it a fit of inspiration, but I decided to do something crazy with my manufacturer. I don’t really wear loud colors but the final Fall 2012 colorway of the Allen will be Red Wine. I am still finalizing the details, but here is a very rough picture of the shoe from the factory. Let me know your thoughts. I won’t make many of these at all. I will also change the material to canvas instead of denim. Then again, I am open to suggestions.

Stay motivated Fam!

Chris B.