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ARCH 1 of 1 Program

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ARCH 1 of 1 Program

The ARCH 1 of 1 Program is a unique venture that caters to true sneakerheads who have always wanted to own a pair of sneakers that were REALLY exclusive. The theory behind the ARCH 1 of 1 Program happened when ARCH worked with Neimaj Footwear to help the company make a limited run of their Mississippi State shoe.

After working so hard to establish the contacts to create my own brand, I realized that a lot of people wanted to do what I do. It only occurred to me after the Neimaj project that I had the necessary knowledge and contacts to help others to create their own brand…the process of which is called microbranding. I am calling this the 1 of 1 Program.

So how does this project work? People who decide to participate in the program will be allowed to put together their shoe from the silhouettes and materials listed below, and submit a logo that can be embroidered onto the shoe. Outsoles and styles will be limited, but this is to prevent higher costs for what will be a sample. If you are aware of how samples are made, then you get the idea.

Each individual shoe will cost 1000.00 dollars. Sizes are limited to men’s sizes 6-12. You will be required to pay a deposit of 50% of the total cost once I agree to produce your sample (I will forward you an invoice by Paypal that can be kept as a record of receipt). Once this fee is paid, the design will begin and you will approve the design. We will then begin the submission process and your shoe will go into production. Once the mock drawing of your shoe is approved I will send you the picture. When the shoe is complete you will get a picture. Once you have the pictures of your actual shoe, you will be billed another 500.00 which includes shipping.  In 4-6 weeks you will receive the production sample of your footwear. You can either keep the pair for yourself or consider placing your design into production by making a minimum quantity order of 300 pair.

To get started follow these steps:

1. Choose one of the silhouettes below.

2. Tell us what colors you would like to use and be specific. Use a color palette if you must.

3. Send us a vector file of your logo (please keep your logo one color with clean lines and edges. Photo must be a minimum of 500 x 500 pixels

4. Choose your materials from these choices: a) leather b) canvas c) suede d) mesh e) durabuck

5. Shoe string color (We will determine color blocking based on the shoe string color.

6.  Combine all of this information and send it to me at Please place in the subject line: ARCH 1 of 1 Project 


Casual Running Shoe




High Top Shoe


Lowtop Shoe