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ARCH Casual Updates From the Factory: Navy and Haze Gray

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ARCH Casual: The Allen-Navy

Anyone who knows me, knows that some of the best times of my young adulthood occurred when I was Haze Gray and underway. In other words, when I was in the Navy I learned a lot about life; in particular I learned about myself.

The next two colorways from the ARCH Casual line represent my time in the Nav. I guess it’s a special dedication to my guys in VF-114, The Fighting Aardvarks and VF-213, the Fighting Black Lions F-14 squadrons. Big shout out to CVN-72 Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier! Singapore, Hong Kong, PI, Hawaii, Perth, Dubai, I got to see a lot of the world.

Maybe these shoes will take you on a trip.

ARCH Casual: The Allen-Haze Gray

These are rough photos straight from the factory. I will try to get better shots when they land in the US.

Stay Motivated

Chris B