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ARCH Consultation

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Allow me to do a thorough analysis of your marketing efforts to move you in the direction of attaining your business goals. Now more than ever it’s getting harder to reach your intended clients. This is a multichannel world and the old and new ways of marketing are becoming less efficient. ARCH Consulting will look into your business (sole proprietor, small business or corporation) and help to create a path.

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ARCH Consulting
Chris Burns-0641smWith over ten years in offshore production and shipping, I’ve learned to navigate the waters of importing and US based production. With 10 years of online retail experience and with more than 20 years of educational experience and technology experience, I have the proof to show you that I can help you get your goals accomplished in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

Everyday I meet someone who wants to start a business, publish a book, start a website, or create a product. Everyday I also see million dollar corporations utilize antiquated strategies in marketing. My goal is to provide million and billion dollar businesses an outside analysis for navigating the new multi/omni-channel world.

I also want to provide startups with the assistance I never received in launching my business. A startup has different hurdles than a corporation, but my goal is to help individuals and small businesses to adjust and adapt to a market that is constantly forcing new entrepreneurs to utilize third party business to grow as opposed to utilizing their own sites first.

Let me help you get started.

Christopher D. Burns, MFA

Book 1: One Hour To Wealth: Your Great Idea is Valuable…Get Up and Write It Down!

Book 2: The 30 Day Project: How Daily Dedication Can Lead to Something Amazing (One Hour To Wealth Book 2)

Book 3: F–K Speeches and Inspiration: Where Do I Get The Money to Start?


Evidence of those who read the books and implemented the workshops and advice in the books:

The Carey Davis Foundation: I recently had the pleasure of building the website for Super Bowl fullback Carey Davis of the Pittsburgh Steelers! The winner of the Lombardi Trophy for Super Bowl XLIII contacted me and said he needed a website for his foundation. Instead of setting up an html/css site that would require a ton of coding, I took his index.html page down from his File Manager, installed a CMS (WordPress), and then I took the time to format and clean up the free theme by editing the source code. I taught him to operate the site and now he is self sufficient and able to update his site when he chooses. It was awesome to work with a professional athlete and help him to get his dream launched. Visit the site here:

901 Prep Scoop: Chuck Lawson is now recognized as one of the best minds in basketball for the Memphis Area. While running a basketball network, I helped Chuck to get his 901 Prepscoop brand off the ground. I eventually taught Chuck how to run his website on his own and as his content developed his site earned him a position with national prep hoops powerhouse website Dunk Dog.

City University School: Setup the original website for City University School and gave them a platform that allowed them to layout a similar setup on their current website.

Heros Footwear/Neimaj: As the original designer of the Neimaj website, I assisted Jamien Sills over the years in developing his brand. As he grew he took over development of his website. In 2012 however, through my company ARCH I helped Jamien to earn 25000 dollars from the Miller Coors Urban Entrepreneur Program. Utilizing my offshore production I was able to help Jamien make shoes for Mississippi State University and for the Miller Coors contest. My work also allowed for the development of his first athletic shoe the O1. This was a fantastic accomplishment.

Brooklyn Ajays: Brooklyn Ajays is one of the best sneaker companies in the country. Selling hard to find kicks that sneaker lovers are searching for is their claim to fame. Over the past few years ARCH has been instrumental in helping this company attain inventory and stay competitive in the sneaker world.

Brandon Meeks Music: The Indianapolis Bass player who is also in the group Native Sun, bought One Hour To Wealth. Said he didn’t have the time although he understood everything in the book, to launch his own site. After a few e-mails I told him to book his session. I realized that he didn’t have the money to pay for his domain. Instead of telling him to write me when he bought his domain, I had a discount for a domain and hosting and purchased it for him. I built the website. He was more comfortable with Squarespace as his CMS and he utilized that. He is now rolling along posting and sharing information with his followers.

Housakicks: After paying a website developer thousands of dollars, I got an e-mail from the owner of the website HOUSAKICKS. The owner had an idea to create a platform that would allow the sneaker community to get away from the 12-15% they had to give to eBay and Amazon for selling on their platforms. His idea was to create a multi-user platform that allowed each person selling shoes to list their products on his website for a small commission much less than eBay and Amazon. He paid his developer a lot of money and after two months the site was still sitting and wasn’t ready to launch. He e-mailed me on a Saturday morning after reading 1 Hour To Wealth. He had also purchased The 30 Day project. He bought them both from me direct so this gave him a 1 hour consultation. After a short consultation, he gave me his passwords. That afternoon his site looked like this: and by Monday morning he began accepting users and launched the website. He has since monetized his website with affiliate and ad revenue and has learned enough to begin helping others.

Rough Feathers Clothing Co: A Memphis based clothing company that features dope graphic tees and apparel. The company had a static html based site. After our initial consult we analyzed what the brand needed to improve its online presence. After taking the time to walk the owner Antonio Jones through a redesign, he took what he learned and developed a much better website and a new direction. Check out Rough Feathers here:


Let’s chat using Google Hangout or Skype. Right now I am giving away a free 30 minute consultation with the purchase of either of my books (all you have to do is contact me and show me proof of purchase). Once that session is done, I usually get asked for another consultation. This is your opportunity to schedule another appointment to dig deeper into your business with proven advice. Besides I really like sharing and helping so let me help you out. Organize your questions and let’s build.


Choose the length of your consultation
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