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ARCH Ellison TR Update 5: At ‘Last’

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At Last… get it?

Who got the sneaker joke in the title? Let me know in the comments. Today, the completed payment will be sent for the shoes. Once I get to see the shoes attached to the last and in final prep stages then the money goes out and the waiting game begins. As always I want you to track the progress and see the shoes. I won’t have a full gauge of the actual colors until they arrive, but the pictures are a pretty good indication and I think I chose a unique shade of brown and grey for the shoes.

My goal was to create a more mature classic style as opposed to the vivid colors used on a New Balance or Nike shoe of similar origins. There comes a point where a guy looks for something more subtle that can be styled with a pair of Stance or Happy Socks.  Which is my next move. I want to turn this into a collab of sorts by working with a sock company. In my Online Shop when a customer pays a certain amount for a pair of Jordans or Adidas shoes I will send them a gift. I did this last year with my Kickstarter Pack when I sent the no show ARCH socks. The production of this shoe was a bit more so I didn’t add the sock in. My goal is to begin reaching out to one of these companies to work out details on 120 pair of socks that will match the shoes. I will then add a banner for that company on the ARCH site and brand the box with labels for both ARCH and “brand x” socks. Obviously this creates a more viable product and also gives me something to create a tradition.

Of course you came here for more pictures, but first I had to get you into the narrative a bit. I hope you are somewhere working out the details on chasing your dreams and actually fulfilling them.

Stay Motivated

Chris B.