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ARCH Investment

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shirttagfx2ARCH consists of two divisions: The Online shop and the brand ARCH. At this time the revenue grossed from the Online shop is much higher than the brand. While the brand has shown improvement since its creation in 2009, the brand has never had an investor and all work on the brand was the benefit of the Online Shop. The ARCH Online shop supported the brand from 2009 to 2013. The reports on this growth and development are available publicly on this site in the blog area. In 2014 the brand benefitted from the Kickstarter project and a restructured agreement with the manufacturer in China.

After careful consideration ARCH is looking to take on investors. Under a Private Investment Structure, ARCH is offering a unique investment opportunity to those looking to invest and earn revenue in their investment consistently vs the traditional investment structures of other public and private funds. A traditional investment company (commodity/security), usually takes on an investor and the investor is required to wait until a public offering or wait until an annual disbursement of dividends. The ARCH Investment Fund will operate in a way that allows your investment to see returns on a regular basis.


ARCH Investment Fund is a private investment company (hedge fund) that works as a division of Christopher D. Burns dba Center Court Basketball. The fund will always have less than 100 investors and will not be regulated by the SEC. 

(Private equity and hedge funds make use of the exemptions provided by Section 3(c)(1) and Section 3(c)(7) of the Investment Company Act and forgo registration, and the substantive restrictions that this entails.

Section 3(c)(1) is the older of the two exclusions from the definition of ‘investment company.’ The requirements are twofold: the interests in the fund must be privately placed to investors; and the fund must not have in excess of 100 investors. Section 3(c)(7) instead focuses on the status of investors in the fund, rather than their number. The requirements are also twofold: as with Section 3(c)(1), the interests in the fund must be privately placed to investors; and the fund may only have as investors who are either ‘qualified purchasers’; or ‘knowledgeable employees’ of the fund manager.)

Each investment will function as a P2P agreement. Loan documents will be generated based on an agreed upon interest rate and length of repayment. This is a great opportunity to manage your investment and see a return in a much faster manner than traditional investments. A higher investment garners a higher return.

Investor Information (2 Sections)

  • ARCH Partnership Investment – The ARCH Investment Fund will grant the investor a stake in both ARCH and the ARCH Online Shop during the time of investment. At the end of the agreed upon investment period ownership returns to ARCH (Christopher D. Burns). The ARCH Investment is based on the private valuation of the gross income of the ARCH Online Shop and ARCH combined. This income is verifiable through reports available from The gross sales will be divided by 100 to establish the amount per percentage. (For Example last year the business generated (box 1) 
342,659 2327 2310

based on units shipped (box 2), and completed shipments (box 3 accounts for returns) The total of $342,659/100% = 3426.59/share percentage. To simplify investment terms and to make the investment more appealing the share percentage is 3000.00.

An investor will be required to keep all funds in the ARCH Investment Fund until agreement is complete. 

All investors will fall under the law as knowledgeable employees and as informed General partners.

  • ARCH P2P Investment – This is a unique opportunity for investment. While ARCH does not generate a healthy return, the ARCH Online shop is a vibrant commodity. Since November 2011 to 2016, the ARCH Online shop has had shipped product sales of $1,562,000 dollars. Working through has increased the profit margin of the store. Amazon has a bimonthly disbursement schedule. All investors, unlike traditional public or private investors, will receive dividends monthly through cashier’s check. The investor has to file and pay taxes on this income accordingly for cashier’s check.

Investment Rate Terms (Negotiable)

Minimum Investment: $5,000.00 at 5% 2 Years (24 months repayment)

Detail clarification: Repayment would be

Payment Every Month   $219.36
Total of 24 Payments   $5264.57
Total Interest   $264.57

Maximum Investment: 70000.00 at 11% 5 Years (60 months repayment)

Detail clarification: Repayment would be

Payment Every Month   $1,521.97
Total of 60 Payments   $91,318.18
Total Interest   $21,318.18

ARCH INVESTMENT IS NO LONGER ACCEPTING CLIENTS This is page is for reference only.

Christopher D. Burns

cburns (at)

Recent Investment Updates:

1.  Client: Division 1 Assistant Basketball Coach

Amount Invested: 10,000.00

Term: July 3rd to July 12th 2014 (Short term investment: Client needed the funds returned for personal reasons)

Outcome: Payout by wire transfer of 10,890.34 – An almost 9% return on investment in 9 days. This is not the standard return and was due to an aggressive strategy, but the client attained the results desired.

2. Client: Fed Ex Manager

(As of June 2014 ARCH has shipped product sales of 118,374.90.  This placed a share in the ARCH Investment Fund at 1800.00/share. For ease of explanation and to factor in net sales, each share was sold for 1000.00. An initial investment of 10,000.00 by this investor earned 10 shares or 10 percent back.)

Amount Invested: 10,000

Term: August 1st to December 31st 2014 (Short term investment)

Outcome: Payouts by Cashier’s Check each month until initial repayment returned.

1st Payment: 1642.35

2nd Payment: 1599.82

3rd Payment: 1794.24

4th Payment: 1933.30

5th Payment: 3687.58

Final Investment Payment at 10% of the original investment: 1000.00

Total Amount earned: 1657.29

ROI – Return on Investment: 16.5%

Updated 2/29/2016 by request of prospective clients

I recently was requested to show the business reports for how much income has been earned by ARCH. I took the time this morning to screenshot the files from 2013-2014 and found the previous two years in a post I wrote here on the ARCH website. This is a detailed breakdown from only available to Marketplace accounts. (this is also available in csv format) The first chart shows the 2011 – 2012 income.

Sales-Graph-2011-13 busgraph2013-1 busgraph2014-0

2015 Sales Breakdown (updated 2-29-2016)