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ARCH Moving Forward…

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archsmallThose of you who have grabbed a pair of ARCHs at 9.99 congrats and thank you for the much needed bump in decreasing inventory. While I truly appreciate the support, I was losing 15.00/per pair on each shoe sold. Not exactly the kind of Kickstarter I planned, but I had to move through inventory. The price drop is over and the CGs will return to wholesale pricing which is still very good at 29.99.

The Casual shoe will remain at the deep discount of 9.99. I have made a decision to do a 100 shoe run of the CG097. These shoes will retail at a solid 60.00 without a deviation in price. If I can’t sell through those in less than 2 months, that will give me the final understanding that I need to go ahead and let ARCH expire.

I appreciate you all who are traveling this road with me. We are in the last leg of this 5K and if all goes well we will begin to work on a 10K.

Stay Motivated

Chris B.