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ARCH Sneaker Shop on Amazon

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If you look back through all of the Ebay Articles on the site, you can see how I changed the business model of my Sneaker shop. I have to say I went through more trial and error since June than probably anybody in the biz! It has all paid off though in the culmination of a solid wholesale business and the relaunching of my individual sales through Amazon.

This is what is important about the whole process. It took me until one week ago to launch my Amazon store. It took that long to get approved. I finally launched about a week ago and the sales are starting to increase. What is good about Amazon is that their approval process is stringent and takes time. No random person can decide to set up a store. You have to already have your own online store and evidence of the site actually working.

I like Amazon because there is protection for both the seller and the buyer. Payouts occur twice per month and is ACH wired directly into your account. It takes a few days for the transfer to happen but you don’t have to transfer the money a second time like with Paypal and Ebay. Most important, you can’t sell fakes on Amazon since they require a full UPC that syncs with the actual Nike UPC code. A person can leave a negative comment, but if you get one, you deserve it more than likely. Ebay works for a lot of people, but I like the idea of setting a price and that’s it. No bids or anything else. If a person wants the shoe and you have it, it sells. I also have the opportunity to use Amazon Fulfillment which is pretty nice.

Take a few minutes to check out the Amazon ARCH Sneaker Shop and hit me with any questions about the process if you have them.

Chris B.