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ARCH Tech: SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones | Shure Americas

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SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones reproduce accurate audio across an extended range.

Source: SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones | Shure Americas

Recently I got into the recording studio scene and I did the thing that most do, I ran out and bought an iMac with ridiculous speed and power. You know I added the Fusion Drive and all of that, but I bought an interface that was amazing, unfortunately it was a USB 2.0 and the iMac is a USB 3.0. Note: pay attention to detail on this stuff.

When I was in the process of setting it all up, Apple was doing the Beats giveaway and I was like, “cool, an extra set of headphones for the equipment.” I had already bought a pair of more inexpensive headphones named Shure. So I thought the Beats would be an upgrade.

Notice I’m not writing an article about Beats.

The Shure sound is amazing and blocks out about 90% of the sound while producing a low end that would make the Tribe proud. I found some on Amazon for even less and decided to start an ARCH Tech section on the site to share this info. Visit the Source link and if you are in the market for headphones, or if you live in the dorms or a noisy apartment grab a set of these Shure joints. You’ll thank me.