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ARCH x Kickstarter

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2/28/2014 and ARCH is officially a company that is actively working towards a goal to create footwear for those looking to get a great quality product at a reasonable price that also looks great. The company would have been on hiatus if it had not been for the people below who thought that what I was doing was worth one more run. Any success from this forward begins with the people on this page. I say this without any hesitation at all, if ARCH continues to grow/scale/prosper the people on this page will be the first to get a chance to earn a share in the company.  Obviously I’m looking at the prospect of gaining enough ground that I can actually offer shares to this crew of people. If I don’t reach that status, I am still forever thankful to these people:

48 Devin Ijore
47 R.J.
46 Aeon Soul
45 Jonathan Vandor
44 Anthony Noble
43 Richard Pantoliano Jr
42 Richard Ditter
41 Ron Denton
40 Jeff Cordeiro
38 Charlisha Renata
37 Steve Dixie
36 decades gibbs
35 David Warren
34 Karinzo
33 Herbert Williams
32 joe mize
31 Teariny Vantrease
30 Xeon Xai
29 Dave Nicar
28 Thurman Richardson
27 Mike Gonzalez
26 Steven Lorenz
25 Travis Aubin
24 Jonathan Blackwell
23 Derrick Banks
21 rosalie redding
20 Ginger Shoulders
19 Kevin Pendleton
18 Nicola Cowap
17 Lois Palermo
16 Bryson Brewer
15 Christine Myers Carter
14 Malcolm and Jennifer Ervin
13 Ally Smith
11 Rodrigo Gomez
10 Steve Griffis
9 Michael Green
8 Jonathan Anders
7 Shannon Warren
5 Jonas Atterbring
4 Manuel Mangrobang
3 Chris Plakholm
2 BOY King
1 Clay Goldston