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ASICS Joins the ‘Brands’ in Soho with their First Tiger Branded Concept Store

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ASICS Soho opened on November 2nd

Source: ASICS Global – The Official Corporate Website for ASICS and Its Affiliates

ASICS has been one of my favorite brands on the marketing front. It’s not that they’ve created adidas level ads, they’ve taken a deep dive into content creation and the brand in its many flavors has content distribution for every aspect. The Tiger Brand has a page, there is a Magazine for Japan which can be translated, the Onitsuka line has it’s own page which isn’t the same as ASICS Tiger and there is a blog named ASICS Stories which highlights release information, fitness and workout strategies. The effectiveness of the content creation isn’t quantifiable, but when you search for ASICS on the first page of Bing there are countless entries all indexed from the content platforms. That’s important for any brand attempting to drive engagement beyond social.

The latest space in Soho will feature artwork and host a variety of events. This further cements the transitioning requirement of retail to offer more of an experience instead of just dropping footwear on a table or on a wall and expecting customers to be interested. Here is the description of what to expect from the ASICS first Tiger concept branded shop in the US:

The street-level concept store has approximately 1900 square feet of floor space and will engage not only in retail sales but also present the ASICSTIGER brand’s global point of view through artwork displays and interactive events.

Various pieces of art will be on display in collaboration with globally-active Japanese artist Carl Rauschenbach. Mr. Rauschenbach is an up and coming mural artist and painter known for his use of block print copy motifs in graffiti.

In-store events with themes of fashion, lifestyle, health and music will be held during the opening weeks. Customers will be invited to shop, explore and celebrate the store’s arrival into the neighborhood.

To honor the brand’s Japanese heritage, the opening day event will feature the theme of stylish Japanese festivals. Tokyo-based artist Sneakerwolf will perform his signature KANJI-GRAPHY, a live painting performance, using a 1.5 meter-high giant Japanese paper lantern.