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Asics Launches fuzeX Rush and GEL-QUANTUM 360 KNIT with LA Media showcase

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“Combining physical fitness and street smarts, ‘The Big Chase’ event was an interactive urban adventure run that put participants in the role of old-school L.A. detectives. The story took the budding detectives through the streets in hot pursuit of a mysterious stranger, overcoming obstacles and unraveling clues on a high-octane chase through downtown L.A. to rescue a Hollywood starlet. Runners tracked down leads at an eclectic collection of locations including the Roxie Theatre, Dutch Chocolate Shop and The Majestic Downtown, where they encountered characters straight out of a classic suspense film.”

As companies become more and more aligned with the needs and sentiments of their potential audience there will be more interactive events meant to humanize the brand and connect to their core audience.

Asics hooked up with social media influencers to create THE BIG CHASE. They also worked with street artists, “ASICS dove further into the urban landscape through street art, launching an ASICS-original mural by local artist Christopher Konecki on 247th street in downtown LA, created for influencers and media to encounter during a run the following morning.

This is the future of marketing and advertising for footwear. As companies begin to understand the value of taking a stand creating communities will become an integral part of selling sportswear.

Use the source link to read a more detailed report and Check out more pictures. Details about this project launching in other cities is also available.

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