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ASICS Takes Care of the Men & Women in 2017 With New Training Footwear

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Source: ASICS Corporate

Asics isn’t letting the Big Three get too far ahead of them. While they aren’t dropping digital inspired footwear, they are analyzing the training differences for men and women and creating workout gear tailored to the demands of the training styles. With more women leaning towards Yoga inspired training, they have designed the FIT YUI

  • Interlocking Elastic Bands from heel through mid-foot and integrated with the laces for a customized fit that keep the foot secures whilst free to move.
  • Flex Grooves built into key areas of the forefoot sole provide freedom and support to twist and turn in any direction.
  • GEL Cushioning improved cushioning for comfort and protection.

For men, I know for a fact that a lot of women are doing more crossfit and weight training so there will be crossover, Asics came up with a shoe with a really questionable name, The Conviction X.

  • Sole Enhance Ventilation and perforated sockliner throughout the most intense workouts.
  • Secured Grip rubber sole with arch wrap and outsole pattern maintains better grip and promotes a stable base for various agility movements.
  • RHYNO SKIN durability protects from rope burn and supports rope climbing activities.
  • Lightweight No-Sew Forefoot materials specially designed to withstand heavy workouts to provide durability protection and maintain posture.

This is another entry into the Crossfit category. Which makes me question Adidas’ decision to stay with Reebok instead of selling it. The only path Reebok has is in Crossfit it seems unless there is a complete revamp of the business model. This is about Asics though… It’s good to see another company throwing their hat into the Crossfit arena although they can’t use the word Crossfit šŸ˜‰

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