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Every brand that can pull from the past is capitalizing on the current desire to be a 90s baby. Well, others are pulling from the 70s and 80s, but as far as trends go, people aren’t wearing performance shoes as much right now. They are wearing them to actually participate in sports, or in a fashion sense, although I do see a comeback in the works. They are wearing the shoes that match an outfit or make a statement.

It just so happens that right now skinny jeans and jogger pants are lending themselves to trainers/running shoes from the past. High tops are not necessarily the rage so basketball shoes are not the first products being re-released.

Asics has an extensive history. For those of you new to the sneaker world, Nike was basically Asics (Onitsuka Tiger) before becoming Nike. Blue Ribbon Sports sold Tiger running shoes out of the back of vans at Oregon Track Meets. They also used ads in Running magazines to establish direct to consumer connections. A play figuring heavily into their current movement.

Asics realizes that they are a classic, modern brand and they have been flexing their muscles this year with a series of dope releases and a lot of throwbacks. The Gel Mai is a very odd decision, but it’s unique enough to make waves on a small scale. The asymmetrical lacing system foreshadowed a current trend in basketball footwear. Some runners are now utilizing this lacing design element, but the Gel Mai was the first in the Asics line to present this system.

It’s a unique kick that is definitely going to be a collector’s item this time around.

There are a few pair available on eBay if you want to grab a pair before the April 27th release date.

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