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ASICS Understands That Controlling Your Narrative Is Vital | Marketing

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Many footwear companies realize that giving your business over to social media is a balancing act. While access and connectedness is a driver of growth and engagement, it can also lead to some very difficult interactions with consumers who feel that they are owed and that the brand is there to cater solely to their whims and commentary. It’s a delicate situation that doesn’t allow for any missteps. One wrong comment or response could create a storm of negative feedback and comments. I’ve witnessed brands lose control of their entire page on social media as the navigation of who to delete and who to keep can isolate and damage a brand.

I’ve said often that brands need to control their narrative and that giving the story telling over to blogs leaves room for error. ASICS has been doing a very good job of controlling the promotion of its brands. Yes… brands. Each subset of ASICS has its own website. Whether people are using the sites or not isn’t the issue. What is the most important aspect of the use of the sites from ASICS is search.


A recent post from ASICS in their “voices” series deals with Calm Tech a theory created by a scientist named Mark Weiser in 1996. The concept was that tech should go unnoticed. It should be so thoroughly integrated into your life that you don’t realize you’re using it. It’s an amazing thing to witness as ASICS’ ISS has attempted to make the Gel Lyte series a form of Calm Tech: functional, stylish, and integrated. The goal is to take the old tech and make it a part of your lifestyle today by updating materials and functionality. We are definitely moving towards a world of Calm Tech. ASICS is making sure you know their story their way. Use the source link to read a very good discussion on where the brand is headed.


Source: ASICS Tiger United States