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#Breaking2 is an Amazing Event | Nike ZoomX

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Nike presents: Breaking2

Source: #Breaking2

I signed up for the live tweets from Nike on #Breaking2. I started watching on my phone and it’s the first time I’ve ever, I mean ever been engaged in a distance running event. I think this is possibly one of the most important technological events in history and will completely alter the future of sports viewing which has already been changed with the introduction of so much technology. Traditional television sports viewing has fallen and right now there are so many people tweeting and watching this event that every second there are about 5 tweets.

Marketing points:

Nike ZoomX the tech is on full display with every athlete.

Nike Sportswear is front and center with comedian Kevin Hart as a sideline reporter.

The Nike videos are engaging and very well done.

Twitter’s livefeed is like Silicon Valley’s middle out. Twitter has to gain some steam after this. Nike may have just saved Twitter.

YT Video Description Below

Who knew that a marathon would be so damn engaging! Kevin Hart as a sideline reporter, fantastic backstory videos, picture in picture on Twitter, it’s a fantastic marketing/sports event.
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