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#brooksendorsed is Why Brooks is the Number 1 Running Shoe Company | Marketing

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I don’t know how I missed this on running day a few weeks back, but at 50,000+ “endorsed” athletes, this is why Brooks is the number 1 running shoe company. The video is the type of playful marketing that attracts people in this difficult retail environment.

Unfortunately Brooks’ marketing team doesn’t understand the reality of video on YouTube. The video only has 9000 views since June 7th, but that’s because there really aren’t any viral videos anymore. Companies have to pay for engagement. This is the type of video that was definitely worth some Google Adwords dollars. It’s a dope campaign that should be much bigger than it is.

The #brooksendorsed has garnered momentum on Twitter showing that the platform is a solid marketing platform although most people are on Facebook and Instagram. The letter that is sent out for your endorsement bears the signature of the Jim Weber and is really an official endorsement. This is a really dope campaign.