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Busines Talk: Saucony Stories is kinda cool

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Source: Saucony Stories

I’m always browsing the footwear sites for cool news and information to share. As the readership grows, I want the site to remain diverse in the content. I’ve been hitting the Saucony homepage for a while. I usually scroll to see if anything of importance is there. I look for an eye catching lifestyle shoe or something dope, and then I share it. Today I caught the “Running Girl Emoji” story and was about to share it (I just did with that link back there) and then I realized wait a minute… This is Saucony’s blog!!!!!!

I then went back to the homepage and looked in all of the menu items at the top. I then found the Blog link at the bottom of the page buried. This is one of the major issues with big companies and small companies. None of them are placing the same emphasis on creating content to connect to the consumer on their own platforms that they do on Social Media platforms. When I analyze data, Social traffic tends to have a high bounce rate. Search and Direct traffic is always better in regard to Bounce. Doesn’t it seem logical to make sure that your back links and links are readily available when people search for an item affiliated with your company?

While we are in a scrolling, swipe left/right society, most people still only look at the top menu links. Your blog is just as important as the dollars you spend advertising on social. I’m excited to see that Saucony is actively creating content, I just want them to add a button to the top menu. I did find it though so I know now, and so do you.

Click the source link and check out their blog. It’s kinda dope.