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Business Talk: Asics Steps Into Tech Too Late

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ASICS Creates New Global Digital Division to Deepen Relationship with Consumer


Source: ASICS Corporate photo from circuitsandcable

There is a reason Under Armour gets such a solid rating as a stock. It has to do with their ability to outperform Nike in stockpiling companies that have gigantic databases of customers using fitness apps. A simple search UA and Tech Acquisitions brings up a number of articles like this:

The next wave of finding customers for your brand appears to be in targeting those people who are into fitness and actively use tech during their workouts. Converting a fitness customer is easier than attempting to convert a customer who you have to pursue through traditional marketing. Acquiring tech gives a company a built in base. Asics, like many of the brands working to pull marketshare away from the Big 3 of UA, adidas and Nike is finally putting together a tech division, but it may be too little too late. Click the Source link to read about the acquisition.