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Business Talk: Has the Nike Flyknit Racer Grown Old?

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Source: Nike Flyknit Racer

The latest release of the Nike Flyknit Racer is upon us. On October 14th this olive trimmed colorway will drop. There aren’t many posts about the shoe other than general information. This is one of the best looking versions of the lightweight runner ever made, in my opinion. Why is the shoe not being hyped or looked at as a must cop?

I’ve always thought the shoe was close to the perfect running footwear. The neutral stance and minimalist design allows the foot to function in almost a natural way. The Zoom Air ride has a zero drop and isn’t bulky. There isn’t a shoe insert to slip or shift. It’s a great shoe. It’s not a winter shoe, but it’s a beautifully crafted kick and very stylish. Why does it seem that the Flyknit has grown old, and has it really?

  1. The reality is the shoe hasn’t grown old. The design isn’t old. It’s timeless. This is a modern classic and in the same way that the Cortez continues to rise every few years, 30 years from now the Flyknit Racer will be a relevant sneaker and that is primarily due to it’s minimalist design and eye catching shape.
  2. Resale has died on the latest releases, but a quick view at FC and the OG Multicolor still garners a 450.00 dollar price tag. However, the average resale price on all other Racers has adjusted down towards retail. The buyers of the Racer are now buying the NMD. This has placed the Racer in a holding pattern and it just isn’t as anticipated. No Nike runner is being anticipated. A quick check on eBay and the only colorway gaining attention is the Blackout version.
  3. This new release is perfect, but with only a 1 month window, Flyknit is not going to be the option for runners or those who wear runners for style. Meanwhile the NMD has been winterized in a number of ways. Nike is refraining from changing up the Flyknit Racer. It is one of the only shoes that Nike has never “winterized”. Is this a mistake?

The new release is dope and I’m a sucker for olive. Will you pick up this pair and stash it away for the spring? For the record, I don’t think it’s grown old at all. This release is a bit of bad timing when people are picking up Duckboots now. Here are more pics. Click the source link to visit the Nike site. Use the links throughout the article to pick up any of the kicks mentioned.