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Business Talk: Under Armour’s Shoppers Have Higher Income | Footwear News

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The survey said the brand had a larger percentage of shoppers making at least $50,000 a year.

Source: Report: Under Armour’s Shoppers Have Higher Income | Footwear News

This report from FN is stating the obvious and I think the blurred setting for the Curry Lux is explaining why this title is so damn obvious.

If your main influencer plays in the Bay area, and the Bay Area is home to more millionaires than any place in the country… I would bet that the majority of the shoes sold by UA are in locales where there are

  1. Sports teams with UA endorsers.
  2. Cities where Steph Curry and Cam Newton are.

With these two things as requirements all it takes is a quick look at some research San Francisco shows up in the top 15 3 times when you measure income by zip codes in California…

When analyzing North Carolina, Raleigh and Charlotte register the highest incomes. Guess where Steph Curry plays and is from? Guess where Cam Newton plays and is from? Some articles don’t need to be written, kind of like this analysis just took 30 seconds of your life away, lol. Here is your consolation price, a link to Curry Lux  at a reasonable price.