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Business Talk: What It Takes to Run Your Own Sneaker Consignment Shop-Hypebeast

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Know the ins and outs from these business owners if you’re going the brick and mortar route.

Source: What It Takes to Run Your Own Sneaker Consignment Shop

if I’m serious about becoming more of a professor of the sneaker industry and trying to deliver information that is vital for taking sneaker lovers, from buyers to investors, then it’s imperative that I find information like this that Hypebeast has generated.

Every person who attempts to flip sneakers has considered this possibility. It remains maybe the most sought after goal for everyone in the biz. I offer the service on my online shop, but I’m strictly pureplay and online. I opened an office/storefront a year ago, but closed it because I didn’t feel comfortable taking on the product.

My consignment business makes up probably 3% of my entire business, but it could grow easily. In Memphis this market is primed for a consignment business that doesn’t attempt to sell locally, but operates strictly online. Just to see who is reading this, ask me why Memphis is probably the best location to open a consignment shop and I will create a video for it next week for Insider Ties.

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