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But Why? Under Armour unveils new collection in sportswear line – Baltimore Sun

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Under Armour Sportswear, the Baltimore sports apparel brand’s high-end fashion line, has unveiled its second collection since its debut in September at New York Fashion Week.

Source: Under Armour unveils new collection in sportswear line – Baltimore Sun

When Under Armour created a new logo and launched a high end apparel line at NYFW I thought, hey they are going to go from catwalk to stores pretty fast with these designs and create lower priced versions to begin competing in the growing athleisure segment. In my head this was a very good idea. Since the launch, I’m scratching my head and wondering if Under Armour is thinking clearly.

  1. Your stock tanked on the report that earnings would decrease as you ramp up marketing and growth abroad. This shouldn’t have happened because the projection is based on growing, but as the stock has begun recovering (now at 32.10 from a low of 30) Under Armour has only dropped one marketing visual #makethatold
  2. Your original NYFW was never released in a major way. You spent time marketing on Facebook to an apathetic crowd and the online shop looked like an extension of the boring  UA platform. There hasn’t been an integration of the Tim Coppens designed line into the general release apparel
  3. Now you offer a second line for a pop up shop?

I always root for the underdog, but at some point the underdog has to act like it and do things that make sense. This simply doesn’t make sense. I’m open to explanations. Is UA making a push to hit the niche areas? I don’t get it.