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Should You Buy To Flip? Air Jordan 3 Retro Cyber Monday

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My personal opinion on the sneaker is that it’s some grown man style. It’s a clean colorway with nice materials. It’s not loud or garish and an old head can rock them or a young kid. This doesn’t mean that the shoe will have a crazy resale value. More important Nike understood that this shoe would not be the draw that other releases have been at the holidays, so they moved the release date. Let’s get to it for you flippers and sneaker lovers.

Since I do 3 checks before my decision I will weight them on a scale of 1-9. The max points on a scale = +3

First check: I hit Flight Club first. Today is 10/8/2016. FC has the shoe listed with a full size run at 250.00 bucks. When I see this price point as usual I drop the price 50.00 dollars for my own platform. This means I think this shoe will resale at 200.00 dollars on other channels. My rating for the potential for resale is a +1.

Rating = +1

Second check: My eBay check shows sold listings of the Cyber Monday 3 at an average price of 200.00. The good thing is there have been a lot of sales of the shoe, but nothing above 250.00 and this is early. If the shoe is selling early at an average price of 200.00 my adjustment from FC was right and the eBay price will drop more once the shoe is released especially if it is a true GR.

Rating = +1

Third check: My third check is either hitting up the local stores to ask if they have the shoe in stock, or doing a Twitter check. I’ve added another option which is utilizing Footlocker’s launch calendar to check and see if a lot of stores are getting the release. In my area every store is getting this release. If every store is getting the shoe then it might sell out, but it will be readily available. My third check rating is +1.

Rating = +1

Should you buy to flip?

My total on a scale of 9 is a +3. Nike put the Retro 3 in the vault and I’m amazed that the resale on the shoe right now is so weak. I never thought I would see a time when the Retro 3 was not a highly coveted shoe for grey market sellers and stores. I’ve said the trend has shifted and I have a feeling this will be the first year that people aren’t going to lose it for the holiday releases this year. I know you flippers aren’t happy with this, but it is what it is.

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